Success is never accidental.
— Jack Dorsey

Go Girl Communications is a content marketing consultancy helping small- to medium-sized businesses use the content they have effectively and create the content they need in order to drive innovation and growth for their companies. From content creation to editorial strategies to presentational coaching, Go Girl Communications helps people and companies discover their story and share that story with others. 

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Patti Minglin, Founder and CEO

With a degree in English and Communications, Patti Minglin graduated from Ball State University in 1992 being able to do two things really well: write and talk. Those two skills fed into Patti’s passion for storytelling and not only helped her move up the corporate ladder in the newspaper industry, but also led her to launch her own content marketing company, Go Girl Communications.

As the CEO of Go Girl Communications, Patti helps small- to medium-sized businesses discover their brand stories and create innovative ways to tell that story to others. Patti believes knowing your story—whether as a business or as an individual—is what fuels innovation and growth and she has made it her mission to share the power of storytelling with others.

It’s no surprise that Patti is an avid reader and writer, contributing regularly to publications and blogs including sharing her voice from the stage of as part of the Listen To Your Mother Chicago cast in 2015 and she is one of the co-hosts for a local mom-focused talk show.

Patti resides outside of Chicago with her husband and three children.

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