How to Manage Your Social Media Daily

One of the questions I am asked the most is how to manage your daily social media in a way that doesn’t take up so much of your time. It’s a great question—and even for those clients who we create content for and manage their social media, we still encourage them to spend at least a small part of their day engaged with their social media channels. Why?

Because the key word is SOCIAL.

All of your social media channels—from Instagram to LinkedIn to Twitter—are meant to be conversations, not just monologues of you talking and everyone else listening. You need to spend time interacting with your followers, discovering what is top of mind for them, and connecting with new people. That is really the only way you will get the most out of your social media strategies and campaigns.

But, it’s hard, especially because it is so easy to go down the rabbit hole of links and soon half your day is shot. That’s why I found this advice on Twitter from Rebekah Radice so spot on that I wanted to share:

FYI-Rebekah is always sharing great tips like this—you should really add her to your list of daily “reads”.

I’d love to know what tips you have for managing social media instead of letting it manage you. Leave me a comment or connect with me via social—Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.