Content Ideas for December

Well, it’s almost here—the final month of 2018. While most of our content ideas and activities focus on the holidays (actually, we were seeing some of these pop up while we were still carving our pumpkins), there are other ways to engage your audience during this busy month.

We loved these ideas from Ecommerce Daily News:

  1. Use Humor: Humor is an important part of content marketing and works especially well during December “when so many folks are looking online for gift ideas and are otherwise inundated with product pitches.” Consider doing a video of your team members talking about the worst (or most unique) gifts they’ve ever received, host an Instagram contest where customers share their best snowmen (assuming we’ll have a few flakes fall by then) or give tips for how “not” to act at your office holiday parties. Using humor is serious business—make sure you are always appropriate and respectful.

  2. Think Non-Christmas: Some of our favorite December celebrations having nothing to do with the holidays: December 10th is when the Nobel Prizes are awarded, December 18th is Bake Cookies Day, and December 21st is Winter Solstice. Highlight those Nobel Prize winners that partner well with your brand (i.e. we love seeing who wins for literature) and talk about their impact on your industry, share favorite cookie recipes on your website, and share a list in your newsletter of local things people can do to celebrate the shortest day of the year.

  3. Make a New Year’s List: Specifically, think about all those resolutions your audience is getting ready to make. How can you help them keep get a jumpstart on their end-of-year promises? For example, restaurants can create lists of “10 ways to eat healthier when you are dining out” or a financial planner can share “10 ways to save money now”.

  4. Put Your Audience First: Okay, we are giving a nod to the holidays with this one, but we want you to flip your thinking—what is your customer trying to accomplish this season? If teen girls are your audience, share tips for inexpensive but meaningful gifts you can gift your friends. New moms your target? How about tips for celebrating holiday firsts? This is a great way to incorporate social media by asking your audience to share their ideas as well.

Here’s to a season that is merry and bright!

Photo by Emil Vilsek on Unsplash