My A to Your Q: How Do I Measure Content Marketing ROI?

A: One of the first questions we ask new clients is how well their current content and content marketing strategies are working.  The most common answer: I don’t know. 

Most people know from statistics that content marketing works, but how do you know that YOUR content is working? How do you know for sure that your blog posts, tweets, or newsletters are having a positive impact on your bottom line?

Here are some ways to measure the effectiveness of your content from Bit Rebels:

Brand Goal: Build Awareness—expose new people to your brand

What to Measure:
Higher ranking in search engine results pages
Steady increase in website’s “first time visitors"
Social metrics (new followers and new likes)

Content That Works:
Blog posts
News Articles
Press Releases
Social Media Content

Brand Goal: Consideration—inspire potential customers to engage

What to Measure:
Increased total page views
Longer visit duration
Lower bounce rate
Social metrics (video videos, content shares, positive comments)

Content That Works:
Category Level Webpage Content
White Papers

Brand Goal: Conversion—when a customer makes a purchase

What to Measure:
Increased conversion rate measured by sales or leads
Track which content sources contribute to the conversion funnel
Social metrics (track social media referrals)
Measure subscriber vs. non-subscriber behavior

Content That Works:
Blog posts
Interactive Surveys/polls
Social Shares

Aligning your content with your overall business objectives is key.  I recommend doing a quarterly review of how things are working, tweaking your current strategies and content as needed.  Don't have time to do it yourself?  Go Girl offers a complete content audit--allowing you to see just how effective your current content is and tips for how you can get more ROI.  Click here if you are interested in getting more info on this service. 

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