Watch This Girl Go


Years ago I was obsessed with a TV show called Kell in Earth.  Do you remember it?  Probably not, I am pretty sure I was the only person watching it, confirmed by the fact that it only lasted one season on Bravo (yes Bravo). 

The show followed female entrepreneur Kelly Cutrone, founder of People’s Revolution, a fashion PR firm primarily based in NYC.  It was basically a weekly behind-the-scenes regarding the chaos that happens before/during/after fashion shows, magazine spreads, and brand campaigns.  I’m not really into fashion and I sort of have a love/hate relationship with PR, but I loved watching this entrepreneur go.  I loved seeing how she lived her life inside and outside of the office. I loved seeing what (or who) inspired her and the challenges she faced.  And more than anything, I loved that Kelly Cutrone was a woman who owned her ambition.

This show aired back in 2010 and if you looked up words that people used to describe Cutrone you would often find things like “bitchy”, “intense”, and “aggressive.” I’m not so sure those same words wouldn’t be used today.  While society seems to have gotten better about bossy girls in general, we still seem to have a hard time with women who own—or as Tory Burch likes to say-embrace their ambition.  

“I am so tired of women having to limit themselves and their ambition because they’re afraid of what somebody else might think,” says Burch.  “Women aren’t the problem. Our attitudes are.”

Inspired by Burch and her Embrace Ambition campaign, Go Girl is launching its own campaign to shine the spotlight on ambitious women in our own communities.  Watch This Girl Go is a new initiative that will combine video interviews, online features, and even offline experiences where ambitious women will give us a behind-the-scenes look into their lives, inspiring each and every one of us to stop apologizing for being confident in our talents and abilities and instead celebrate how we can use them to change our own little corners of the world.

We are finalizing the details this summer and will have an official launch this fall—stay tuned!

And, if you have a woman we should be talking to about this project, click here to let us know!