Content Ideas for July 2018


As a content company, we get one question a lot: what should I write about?  This question pops up when we are talking blog ideas, social media messaging, email campaigns or even fliers to handout during local community events.  

While we can’t create specific content ideas for your brand each and every month (oh, wait, we can do that—you just have to become one of our clients!), we can share with you some of our creative flow.

The first Thursday of every month we will be sharing seasonal ideas on what you can write about for the next month. Yes, the next month. We believe in keeping you ahead of the curve when it comes to your content efforts, so give yourself a little time to figure out how to incorporate these seasonal content ideas into your overall marketing plans for July. 

Independence Day (July 4)

Probably July’s best-known holiday and the one day that truly epitomizes all we love about summer, freedom, and America.  Keep content focused on…
Celebrations & Patriotism
Firework safety tips, BBQ recipes, pictures of employees enjoying local celebrations, list of local celebrations and events for families. 

Fashion trends, festive desserts, party planning ideas, home decorating ideas, make your entire Instagram page red/white/blue for the entire month.

Freedom and Independence
How to become financially independent, honoring local heroes, stories of employees who have or are currently serving our country.


Friday the 13th (July 13)

When we think Friday the 13th, we think fears.  There are so many things you can do with this content theme such as have customers share how they have overcome their biggest fears, tips for taking the fear out of something new (trying a workout, a restaurant, etc.), or how to become fearless (about money, food, traveling, fashion, life, etc).  You can also go the direction of bad luck/good luck—feng shui home designs to increase good luck flow, the history behind some of the most popular superstitions, etc. 


National Ice Cream Day (July 15)

Seriously, there’s a National Ice Cream Day! In addition to getting a scoop or two for you and your team, you can also provide your audience with ice cream recipes, a list of toppings (having them vote for their favorites), sharing pictures of you and your customers enjoying ice cream, tips for post-ice cream workouts or how to keep kids clean after eating ice cream.  You may also consider hosting your own ice cream party for customers—tagging them in your photos pre-, during, and post-event. 


National Hot Dog Day (July 18)

We’re in Chicagoland so we have to celebrate National Hot Dog Day (without ketchup, please).  Share hot dog topping recipes, list your favorite places to have a hot dog and encourage customers to share their pics enjoying their favorite dog while sporting your logo somewhere in the pic as well (really great if you have shirts or hats floating around in town).  You can also play off of the “dog” part—share images of literally hot "dogs" or send out an email to customers showing off your outside dog water bowl ensuring that no dog will go hot this summer. 


Get to Know Your Customers Day (July 19)

Use this day as a time to get connected—or reconnected—with your customers. Instead of creating content about you and your company, switch the focus to sharing what your customers are doing and achieving.  Tag them in social media, send out personalized emails, highlight them in your blogs. The focus should stay on connection—don’t just make this a time to say “thanks” make this a time to ask them how they are doing, celebrate their accomplishments, and ask them what you could do to help them live their best lives. 


National Tequila Day (July 24)

We have three words to say about National Tequila Day: Bring. It. On. In addition to sharing favorite drink recipes or the kind of tequila you like best, make a list of great places to sip tequila, create and share a playlist of the perfect tequila-inspired music, or host a contest where your audience can guess little-known tequila facts. 

Obviously, not every “holiday” and/or idea will work for every business, but we are hoping this gives you some inspiration.  Need some more?  Contact us—we offer one-on-one content brainstorming sessions that will give you a 3-month calendar of content ideas and strategies that will keep your brand connected to your audience.