Risk Taker, Financial Leader Role Model and Raiser of Self-Confident Women


Anita Knotts

Senior Vice President,
Head of Client Relationship Management
Calamos Wealth Management

Anita shares 4 A’s to our Q’s:

What does success mean to you? 

To me, success means continual improvement. This happens when one steps out of her comfort zone as often as possible – perhaps resulting in failure at times – but always learning, always moving forward.

What are you most proud of? 

I am most proud of raising a young woman (Maya) who is incredibly self-aware and self-confident. At a young age, living in an affluent environment she is grateful daily for what she has and constantly spends her time thinking about how to make life better for others. Also from a young age, her advocacy for those who can’t speak for themselves and her intolerance of disrespect (towards her or others in her presence) makes me proud. I can’t ask for more as a mom. I’m also proud of the fact that my son Dylan yelled at someone for using the word “chick” to describe a girl!

What do you admire most about other women leaders in your life?

I admire those women who acknowledge the barriers to success but do not use these barriers as an excuse to not push ahead. They have a razor-sharp focus on the “end game” and very rarely get side-tracked.  As women, it’s easy to sometimes get overwhelmed by the number of things that are working against us (institutionally) but the only way to overcome is to meditate and figure it out!  

What books are you currently reading? 

No Higher Honor  by Condoleezza Rice 
Principles: Life and Work  by Ray Dalio
I think it’s important to also mention Becoming  by Michelle Obama even though I read it earlier this year – this is a MUST read for everyone.
I normally am not drawn to fiction books because I think real life is interesting enough – but I have to admit, City of Girls  by Elizabeth Gilbert is a feminist’s dream!

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