Spring Clean Your Content

Tomorrow is the first day of spring—SPRING!  Not sure in what little part of the world you are living, but for those of us in Chicagoland, it’s been a long winter and the promise of warmer temps and a bit of sunshine is making us smile this week. 

Spring often signifies mammoth house or office cleaning initiatives, but what about your content? Yes, even your content needs a bit of a refresh and a little “de-cluttering” in order to continue to drive growth and innovation for your company.  Here are a few great spring cleaning tips for your content we found from Marketing Land (you can read the original article here):

Do a Content Audit
A content audit gives you a great snapshot of what you already have, how it’s working, and what you might still need to do or create. Spend time looking at data (traffic, social engagement, etc.) as well as structure (length of posts, links, etc.) and see if your content is really helping you achieve your business goals. We actually recommend doing a quick content audit every quarter. 

Create a Content Calendar
We sort of feel like a broken record here, but for all that is good in this world…use a content calendar. Planning your content in advance helps you be more consistent with production and frequency, keeps your content aligned with promotional strategies and business goals, and makes it easier for your team to be looped in to what is being developed and why. We have a blank calendar we will share with you—just email us. 

Repurpose Content
Once you do your content audit you’ll begin to see what content really resonates with our audience. Are there some pieces you could repurpose?  Perhaps a popular whitepaper would make a great webinar, a blog post could be reformatted into an infographic, or data used for an updated case study. Click here for some other ways you can repurpose your content. 

Clean Your Email Lists
This is one of our favorite tips because it is the most overlooked when it comes to content strategy. Create a list of those who are inactive—you know, the people who despite your best subject lines and content never open your emails.  Send them a simple “do you still want to hear from us?” email and see who stays on your list. Having a “clean” email list will increase your open rates and engagement. On the other side of this coin, look at those who are highly active. Are there are other things you could be doing to engage them even more?

Stop Doing Things
Here’s the best news: you don’t need to be doing everything all the time.  When you do your content audit, look at which social media platforms are not working and stop using them.  You’ll be fine, we promise.  “A large number of followers/fans doesn’t equate social success if they are not engaged,” says Marketing Land.  Where are you getting the most engagement and conversions?  A good rule of thumb is to focus on just 1 or 2 social platforms that work and don’t worry about the others.

Now that you’ve cleaned up your content, you should have some room for new opportunities.  So, what new opportunities do you want to create? Set 3 KPIs (key performance indicators) that you are going to work towards in the next 90 days—and be specific. Maybe you want to increase site traffic, have better email open rates, or up your engagement on Instagram. Whatever the goal, make sure you are specific in how success will be measured and…measure it. 

We would love to hear what you discovered during your content spring clean! Leave us a comment or share with us via social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).  

Happy Spring!