Why Emojis Should Be Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Emojis are fun to use when we are texting friends or commenting on Aunt Susan’s adorable picture of her new grandson on Facebook, but do they really have a place in your company’s content marketing strategy? 


According to HubSpot, these little fun emoticons can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your content. Here’s why:

Emojis Boost Engagement
Emojis have been proven to boost engagement levels, click-through rates, and open rates, says XXX.  Some numbers to prove it:

  • With emojis added, tweets see 25% more engagement, Facebook posts get 57% more likes and 33% more comments and shares.

  • More than 50% of brand see in an increase in open rates when emojis are part of the subject line.

  • Push notifications with emojis saw 85% increase in open rates and 9% bump in conversions.

Emojis Convey What Words Can’t
While emojis can’t necessarily replace words, they can definitely give them a little extra umph needed to excite, persuade, or intrigue. See the difference in this sentence:
”I can’t wait.” vs. “I can’t wait 😁”

Emojis Give Your Brand Personality
Using emojis in our marketing and communications gives your brand personality and identity.  Whether you’re fun and youthful or risqué and witty, emojis can help humanize your brand’s identify. 

There are literally thousands of emojis to choose from a myriad of ways you can use them, but for now, let’s get started using emojis in your social media:

  1. Tell your audience to comment with a 👍or 👎 if they agree or disagree with your post.

  2. Ask your audience to describe something using emojis (i.e. “Describe your weekend plans using emojis”). 

  3. Give your audience an emoji message to decode. 

 It’s so much easier for your audience to respond with an emoji, which means it will ultimately increase your overall engagement. 

There are additional ways to use emojis effectively in email, text, etc.  Click here for a complete rundown of all things emojis when it comes to your content marketing. 

 And in the true spirit of emojis, give us a 👍or 👎 if you found this post helpful.