4 Content Ideas for August


August is a weird month, isn’t it? The weather makes us feel like we should still be basking in the sun by the pool, yet our schedules tell us we need to get our shit together and get ready to head back to school and back to regular work schedules.

As you try to figure out the right balance between enjoying these last days of summer and gearing up for a busy fall, here are some quick content ideas you can use for your blogs, social media or newsletters this August:

Simplify Your Life Week (August 1-7)
It seems just about right to start of this month of busyness with a little simplicity. Interior designers, personal organizers and stylists can offer tips and ideas to their clients via newsletters and social media and restaurants or food delivery services could share ways to keep meal time less hectic with cost-effective and easy-to-prepare meal ideas. Not a business that offers a “make-your-life-simple” service or product? Give your customers suggestions for how they can better use the products and services you offer—quick tips for dropping off dry cleaning when you’re in a rush, an infographic they can download to make sure their first aid kit is filled, or even a checklist for what temperature they should be using to cook various meals in their new oven.

Book Lovers Day (August 9)
As content creators, everyday is Book Lovers Day! Share your favorite books with your audience and ask them to share their favorite reads with you via social media. Plan a book giveaway on your social channels, interview your favorite local author in your newsletter, or you could even offer your very best tips for how someone could get started writing their own book (FYI—we might be using that one ourselves!). Do you have a book of your own? Now is the perfect time to collect those emails and offer your e-book up to a new audience.

Women’s Equality Day (August 26)
We sound like a broken record, but…everyday is Women’s Equality Day at Go Girl! As you know we are big fans of helping to develop women leaders and part o that mission includes using our collective voices to stand up for gender equality throughout the world. Use this day to elevate the voices of women in your space—create an Instagram Story of local women leaders, interview women who inspire you on a podcast or blog, send out a. newsletter with links to organizations and events that promote women’s equality in your community.

You knew we had to mention it—it’s just too big of a deal to be ignored. The back-to-school shopping season is not just about school supplies and new clothes (which are both good content), but it is also a time to help parents have a successful transition back into a regular, albeit busy, routine. Tutoring services can share tips for creating effective study spaces, grocery stores can offer up healthy lunch options, financial institutions can share ways to save money (especially great for parents of college students) and health and wellness brands can give parents the ultimate guide to back-to-school readiness. Families not your market? We never stop being students of life—use this month as a time to educate and enlighten your audience, preparing them to have a successful start to a new season.

Here’s to a great August—let us know if we can help you create content and content ideas for your audiences!

ndependence Day (July 4)
While promoting local events or even offering a discount products and services may seem like the perfect way to celebrate Independence Day with your customers, we encourage you to dig a little deeper and give them some content they can use during this holiday. Think picnics and cookouts, family outings and festivals, and (of course) fireworks. How can you help your customers celebrate? Perhaps you are a restaurant that could offer cookout tips (including a link to your catering menu), a retail store that shares red/white/blue fashion moments on Instagram or even a healthcare facility that sends out firework safety tips by email.

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