Here's What I'm Doing in September...

I love Martha Stewart Living magazine.

I’m not a crafty person or even a recipe person, but somehow this magazine speaks to me. The funny thing is, I can never find this magazine. It isn’t readily available at my usual CVS or Walgreen stops. I usually pick it up at the airport or train station—which seems contradictory since it is a read that encourages a love of being home in your own space.

There is one section of the magazine I love the most—Martha’s Calendar. It’s titled as “gentle reminders, helpful hints, and important dates,” but I like to think it is actually what Martha will be doing each day. For example, on September 4th she will be refilling her bird feeders, on September 12th she will be aerating her lawn, and on September 22nd she will pick golden raspberries with Jude and Truman (her grandchildren).   

I am one who is drawn to the ordinary that exists within all of our lives. I am drawn to the idea that regardless of our titles, our wealth, our status, we spend at least part of our days just being human beings. We start our days with coffee (or tea), take our dogs for a walks, we struggle picking out paint color at Home Depot, we aerate our lawns. We do ordinary things that somehow set the foundation for the extraordinary lives we all live.  

This morning, I looked at my own September calendar, and although I don’t have plans to bring fresh eggs to the office (I would first need to find fresh eggs), there are little pieces that could perhaps be categorized as “gentle reminders, helpful tips, and important dates.” Beginning today, I am going to share my calendar each month for those who are also have a curiosity for the ordinary. Click here to see it (we’re working on a better image).

You see, I have long struggled with the idea that we rarely see what goes on behind-the-scenes when it comes to women in leadership. We either see them as their titles (or accomplishments), or we see them in the struggle—we don’t get an opportunity to see their day-to-day lives.

So, in an effort to be transparent about what it is to be a female entrepreneur in my own little corner of the world, I am going to chronicle the ordinary of my days periodically in this blog space. —the client meetings, the creative writing process, the school car pick-up line (my son is on crutches, so this is a story in and of itself), the after-work events, the “Come to Jesus” meetings with my children about grades, spending money, and using my Uber app too much. 

My goal is to help us find the magic in the ordinary--to be able to look at our days the way we look at Martha Stewart’s calendar. When we see our days turn into stories, we begin to see where the magic is happening, where our seemingly ordinary tasks and events are really what connects us to others, propels us to move forward and makes us the extraordinary human beings we are.  

I hope you will enjoy this little journey with me.