You have a business to run. Let us run your content.

There’s a new “C” being added to the C-suite of major corporations and organizations—Chief Content Officer (CCO). The CCO is usually responsible for overseeing the creation and strategy of a brand’s content, making this position a pivotal part of a company’s overall growth and innovation.

We realize that growing companies cannot always afford to have a full-time (or even part-time) CCO on the payroll, so we’ve created a more cost-effective alternative: CCO on the Go.

Go Girl’s CCO on the Go is a subscription-based content service that gives you the opportunity to create and effectively use high-quality content without incurring high-quality costs. Each monthly package includes access to our monthly content calendar (we actually use this internally!), one-on-one consultations, and discounts on Go Girl services and workshops.

You can easily manage or cancel your subscription at any time to better suit your brand's needs--allowing you to manage your budget while we manage your content.

For a limited time only, get your first month for just $25! If this doesn’t fit your needs, you can cancel before your regular subscription begins.

Subscribe Now!

$100 per/month

  • Access to a monthly content calendar updated regularly with content tips and ideas you can use each and every day.

  • Create one piece of content per month (blog or e-mail/newsletter)*

  • One free marketing consultation per month.**

  • Reduced hourly rate—$50 per/hour.

  • 25% off on all additional Go Girl services, workshops, and events.

*Content creation consists of creating one piece of content (blogs, newsletters, web page, etc.) with one edit. If the piece requires more than 30 minutes of revisions or requires an entire rewrite or new creative, the reduced hourly rate will apply.

**One free marketing consultation includes a one-on-one meeting up to 30 minutes free of charge.  If additional time and/or work needs to be done, then the reduced hourly rate will apply.