This is your time. Seriously, this is the moment you've been waiting for since the very day you thought of this big, beautiful business idea of yours.

But first, you need a plan. 

You need a plan that aligns your marketing strategies with your business objectives. A plan that focuses on your WHY instead of the WHAT and the HOW. A plan that will make your good company a great company in just 365 days.

This big, bold plan of yours starts right here and now with the help of the Go Girl team. 

Our Initial Planning Meetings are the perfect 'next step' for getting feedback on your current plans and helping you create fresh content ideas and strategies that will resonate with your audience. At the end of your one-on-one meeting with our CEO Patti Minglin (via Zoom or in person), you'll receive:

  • A one-page narrative of your brand story. 
  • A prioritized list of first-order marketing tasks/activities you can do to share your story.
  • A content calendar template you can use to keep yourself organized for the entire year. 
  • Free registration for Go Girl events and workshops for 6 months. 

What are you waiting for? Click the button below and grab your meeting time now.  
Cost is just $100 if you schedule your meeting by the end of the summer

We can't wait to help you use your story to drive innovation and growth for your company.