Brands need to focus less on the general idea of a female customer, and more on the specific needs of a target market that just happens to be female.
— SocialToaster

Women as Decision-Makers

Did you know that women influence more than 80% of all purchases across all industries? Even if you are not seeing women come through your door, you should never underestimate the influence they are having on the purchases that are being made from your business. From healthcare and education to automotive and technology to B2B, the more you know about your female audience the better you will be able to create products, services and messaging that resonates.

With the help of the Go Girl team, you will be able to:

  • Learn the components driving the purchasing decisions of women in your industry

  • Understand how to leverage major marketing to women trends to deepen customer relationships

  • Develop strategies that will increase customer engagement and drive new sales

  • Evaluate your marketing to women and mom efforts on an ongoing basis

We offer half-day and full-day consults. Please email us for more details.